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    Vintage T-Shirt from Ciao Clothing

    Textile Recycling

    Ciao Clothing is an online secondhand shopping destination that processes thousands of pounds of recycled clothing.

    Join our mission to reduce textile waste

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    These finds are sold individually, and their price may vary depending on their rarity.

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    Our bundles are a collection of pre-loved clothes, a few sold in pairs, trios, and some bundles come with four or five pieces.

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    Ciao Boxes

    Our boxes are 20x20x20 double-wall with 50 pounds of sorted high-quality used products.

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    Our Mission

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to lower the carbon footprint that comes with creating clothing and reuse clothes to prevent textile waste in landfills. We offer our clients quality products at affordable prices that meet their needs and demands, covering their tastes according to their way of seeing and living life.

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