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Ciao Clothing

Denim Long-Sleeve Shirt Bundle ♀


This bundle includes:

  • 2 denim long-sleeve for women


The clothing that comes in your bundle is random. The colors and brand names are randomly selected. What is NOT randomly selected is the size and gender you request.


The buyer can pick the type of clothing, choose the size, and gender preference. Unfortunately, we cannot allow our customers to decide exactly what they want in the bundles. It would increase our process, our inventory management difficulty, and on top of that, it would raise the bundle's price much more than we want.

Every item on the Ciao Clothing website consists of recycled used clothing. We source our goods from textile recycling companies. We sort the clothing we receive so we can provide only the best for our customers. We make sure not to include any clothing items in our orders that have any racist/hate symbols, religious affiliation, drug encouragement, etc. If you would like more information on the return policy, please visit our FAQs.